Remote Coding
Remote coding solutions are a convenient, cost-effective and safe way to meet your ever increasing coding demands. Your organization cannot afford to have a high instance in AR days due to coding backlog. Our remote coding solutions can assist you in reducing current backlogs thereby reducing your AR days.


Complete Coding & HIM Staffing
At Charts In Time, we realize that supplementing shortages in staffing is not always the right solution and the only way to overcome consistent coding backlog and/or low accuracy rates is to trust this function in its entirety to someone else. Charts In Time is ready and available to assess your current coding operations and provide you with a detailed analysis of your needs along with a comprehensive plan to get your coding operations running smoothly, accurately and consistently.


Coding & Compliance Auditing
One of the first steps to accurate clinical data and proper reimbursement is to identify where opportunities for improvement exist. Where opportunities are identified, whether it’s accuracy or workflow related, we work with you to refine or establish performance objectives and develop specific plans to achieve compliance and/or accuracy goals as well as workflow efficiency.