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HIM Remote Coding Solutions

HIM Remote Coding Solutions
Remote coding solutions are a convenient, cost-effective and safe way to meet your ever increasing coding demands. Your organization cannot afford to have a high instance in AR days due to coding backlog. Our remote coding solutions can assist you in reducing current backlogs thereby reducing your AR days.

Our remote coding is HIPAA compliant, utilizes the latest technology and security and is at your service when you need it. Whether you need to eliminate a backlog or cover a staffing vacancy you can choose the solution that is right for you...

  • If your organization has a paper record it can be scanned to our secure server for access by CIT coders
  • If your organization has an Electronic Health Record (EHR) then direct access is the solution.

Our remote coding solutions include:

  • Securely accessing your facility's electronic medical record (EMR) system
  • Onsite records scanning with remote coding of medical records (when necessary)

Benefits of remote coding:

  • Immediate access to credentialed, experienced coders
  • Minimize the effects of staffing shortages
  • Eliminate space constraints in your department
  • Faster turn around time in coding and reduction in A/R days

We are ready to assist, whether you need to address temporary vacancies, backlogs, vacation coverage or just seasonal volume increases, we provide a tailored solution for your organization.

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Florida Health Information Management Association

Texas Health Information Management Association

North Carolina Health Information Management Association

South Carolina Health Information Management Association

Alabama Association of Health Information Management

Maryland Health Information Management Association

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